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    Hi, thanks for stopping by? My name is Celeste Rose. I like to make things, all sorts of things. If I've never made it, well I'm up to the challenge to try to make it. I've been making personalized gifts for the workplace and friends for quite some time. I've also attended various craft fairs over the years. I have an Etsy store (who doesn't these days), and I just really felt I needed to expand a little further with my own website.

    My specialty would be connecting an item by creating a personal connection with the recipient. Getting small tidbits like favorite flowers, colors, teams, etc. to create that memorable one of a kind item. There are so many possibilities! My gallery showcases a wide assortment of items I have created over the years so that you can get a glimpse into what is possible. (More photos will be added gradually.)

    If you have an idea that you would like to brain storm, contact me so we can discuss. I'd love to be a part of something special and memorable. 


    Check back occasionally. I will be gradually adding more items. I also will be offering Cricut Classes. coming soon. We will cover Cricut basics, Monograms, Templates, Curving Text, and Slicing to name a few. Then we will create a project to get a hands on feel for things. So, stay tuned and thank you again for stopping by!